Forging opportunities

By cultivating talents.

Hello, Futurists.

No two candidates are truly the same. But to meet industry standards, we often present ourselves in a way that is easy-to-digest, yet indifferent, foregoing our unique advantages and charisma as individuals.

Throughout your journey with us at Futurist Lab, you will adopt Stanford University's approach to Design Your Life. From here, we will explore opportunities and shape the personal brand that is unique to you based on your interests, experiences, and aspirations. 

Personal Branding  CV Writing 
 Professional Networking 

 Interview Skills   Social Media

 Presentations    Soft Skills 

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Bridging the gap between talents and innovation

We partner with educators and corporates to offer extensive workshops to develop young talents' career journey and help them think one step ahead into their professional and entrepreneurial future - adopting design thinking to realize career aspirations with methodology.


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Clients & Collaborations

We collaborate with ambitious innovators with an impact-driven mindset.
Together, we could build the future.

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